KVBC 2019 – DA Carson

KVBC 2018 – Hearing God’s Words Through Malachi, by Peter Adam

2017 Christ-Centered Worship Seminar, by Bryan Chapell

KVBC 2017 – The Glory Of Christ In The Life Of The Church, by Bryan Chapell

KVBC Penang 2016 – The Message Of Jeremiah, by D.A. Carson

KVBC 2016 – The Final Word

KVBC 2014 – Your Kingdom Come, by John Woodhouse

KVBC 2013 – The God Who Is There, by D.A. Carson

KVBC 2012 – God’s Priorities For Today And Tomorrow, by David Jackman

KVBC 2011 – God’s Word At Work, by David Cook

KVBC 2010 – When Jesus Tells Stories, by D.A. Carson

KVBC 2009 – God’s Great Plan, by Bryan Chapell

KVBC 2008 – Book Of Job, by Christopher Ash

KVBC 2007 – The Death And Resurrection Of Jesus Christ, by D.A. Carson