KVBC Trust has been organising Bible conferences and training seminars under the KVBC banner since 1999.

KVBC Bible conferences, held annually in Penang, Ipoh and Klang Valley, serves as a platform for faithful Bible exposition, featuring faithful and gifted preachers such as DA Carson, David Cook, David Jackman, Bryan Chapell, and John Woodhouse.

In addition to these conferences, we also hold Bible Handling Skills Seminars and City Bible Talk Seminars to promote Bible reading that is faithful to the text and its context and, in particular, how to understand and apply the text in relation to the gospel of Jesus Christ. These seminars either work through a book of the Bible at a time, or demonstrate how key biblical themes develop over the broader biblical narrative.

KVBC Trust is also a co-organiser with Equip Gospel Ministries of the Klang Valley Pastors Seminar. This annual seminar seeks to provide mutual encouragement to full-time or lay ministry workers, church leaders, and other gospel workers toward growing faithfulness and effectiveness in gospel-centred ministries.

KVBC Bible Conference

This is our annual conference, conveniently held in the evenings, organised with the aim to encourage godliness through expository Bible teaching. Resources for all Christians.

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Bible Handling Skills Seminar

This seminar aims to serve and equip Christians to handle the word of God well. Experienced expositors are invited each year to share practical insights and discuss and apply principles that aid proper reading, understanding and teaching of the Bible. Resources for the next generation of Christian leaders.

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This is a platform for pastors and church leaders to think about how to multiply gospel workers. We believe that one of the important ways to raise up future workers is to actively plan for their recruitment.

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This is our second year to encourage and train individuals who are interested to explore in serving full time. Are you called to do full-time? How is it different from my work now?

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KVBC City Bible Talk

This is our new initiative in 2019, to encourage people in the workplace living out the Word.

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Klang Valley Pastors Seminar (KVPS)

This is an annual seminar, jointly organised by KVBC Trust and Equip Gospel Ministries to encourage pastors, elders, staff-workers, church workers, ministry trainees and other Gospel workers in Gospel-centred ministry. Resources for preachers/teaches of the Word.

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