A ministry of the KVBC Trust, KVBC NextGen is a 4-day training conference for leaders who are involved in children, youth and campus ministries.

NextGen aims to raise up, equip and, encourage the next generation of Christian leaders to grow in godliness, to teach the Bible faithfully in their ministries, and to proclaim Jesus for the glory of God across Malaysia!

At the conference, delegates will be taught:

  • How to read the Bible for themselves;
  • How to prepare a Bible study for small groups;
  • How to apply the Bible faithfully in their lives; and
  • Practical ministry skills

Join us for a 4-day training conference that seeks to equip Christian leaders in children, youth and campus ministries throughout Malaysia; to grow in godliness, in faithfully handling and teaching the Bible to others, and in bringing up godly leaders of the next generation.

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Event Start: 10 August,2021
Event Ends: 13 August,2021
Time: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Event Category: Event