Keep up the Faith!

This seminar will introduce the basic principles of expository preaching and apply them to Paul’s second letter to Timothy. The aim is to provide an introduction for the novice and also a chance to go deeper, both in 2 Timothy and the task of preaching, for those who are experienced.
2 expositions (20-30 mins each) and 8 mini-lectures (20-25 mins each)

  1. Introduction – to expository preaching and to the M’s.
  2. Meat – what’s there? (Focusing on exegesis and observation, etc.).
  3. Motive – what’s the issue? (Situational context, etc.).
  4. Message – what’s the thrust?
  5. Mood – what’s the vibe?
  6. Messiah – where is Christ?
  7. Monday – how does it apply?
  8. Momentum – preparing the sermon.

All sessions will be pre-recorded, except for the final lecture (lecture #8), the Q&A session, and the final exposition (exposition #2).


Vaughan Roberts studied law at Cambridge University before a brief spell in South Africa where he was involved in student ministry. He subsequently trained for Anglican ministry at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and since 1991 he has been on the staff of St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford, where he is now Rector. Vaughan is Chair of Trustees of The Proclamation Trust.

Vaughan has written a number of books, including God’s Big Picture, Battles Christians Face, True Friendship and, most recently, a series of four mini books addressing topical issues: Assisted Suicide, Transgender, The Porn Problem and Abortion. In his spare time, Vaughan enjoys playing tennis and golf.

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