Jesus said “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”.

Therefore prayerfully consider if you should devote more time to the ministry of preaching and teaching the bible.

“Come to Entrust Conference to think seriously and comprehensively about the idea of full-time word ministry. Are you called to do full-time? How is it different from my work now? How do women differ from men? And many other important topics regarding full-time ministry.”

Strand 1: Understanding Full-Time Ministry (for 1st timer)
Strand 2: Exploring Full-Time Ministry (for 2nd year attendees)
Strand 3: Considering Full-Time Ministry (for 3rd year attendees)
Strand 4: Preparing for Full-Time Ministry (for 4th year attendees and interns)

Registration fee: RM60 (normal); RM50 (concession)
Registration closes on 16 November 2023.

Friday, 17 Nov Saturday, 18 Nov
9.00 AM Talk 1 Talk 2
10.00 AM Break Break
10.15 AM Strand Session 1 Strand Session 4
12.30 PM Lunch Lunch
1.30 PM Strand Session 2 Strand Session 5
3.00 PM Strand Session 3 Talk 3 & Q&A
5.00 PM End End

Entrust seeks to challenge Christian men and women to think seriously about the idea of full-time word ministry.

  • Are you called to do full-time?
  • How is it different from my work now?
  • How do women differ from men?

Do you have a burden for God’s work and are seeking to serve more effectively? Then come to Entrust conference to find out more.

Strand 1: Understanding Full-Time (for 1st timers)

Topics include

I.       Full-time Ministry and Work
II.      Calling
III.     Making Decisions I

Strand 2: Exploring Full-Time (for 2nd year attendees)

Topics include

I.      Godliness and Character
II.     Men and Women in Ministry  (Understanding Complementarianism)
III.    Making Decisions
– Dealing with Parents’ Objections

Strand 3: Considering Full-Time (for 3rd year attendees)

 Topics include

I.       Apprenticeship Training
II.      Men and Women in Ministry (Outworking of Complementarianism)
III.     Security in Full-Time
IV.     Ministry Pathways

Strand 4: Preparing For Full-Time (for 4th year attendee, interns, and theological interns)

Topics include

I.      Work and Rest
II.     Church Governance and Parachurch
III.    Work and Full-Time Christians
IV.    Ministry Pathways

Internship program envisioned by Entrust

One of the main objectives of Entrust is to encourage attendees to consider doing a 2-year internship program

This internship program is unlike a gap-year program for high-school leaver where it is mostly preoccupied with running events and helping out with administrative tasks. The internship program envisioned is focused on teaching and preaching ministry and there will be systematic training to equip interns for these tasks.

This internship program allows interns to have a taste of full-time ministry before plunging straight into theological study. It allows interns to better evaluate whether they are suited for a life-time of full-time gospel ministry, and whether it is worth pursuing a seminary degree/diploma. It also allows the church leaders to provide feedback on the suitability of interns.

Entrust does not run any internship program. Instead it seeks to encourage local church leaders to set up one by themselves. This is done through Entrust Trainers’ Forum. For we believe that the most suitable trainer is often your own church leader.

For more information, please email: [email protected]


Event Start: 17 November,2023
Event Ends: 18 November,2023
Time: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm
Event Category: Event
Organizer: Program schedule with specific timing will be provided upon registration