The Centre for Expository Preaching (CEP) is a ministry of KVBC Trust and seeks to provide pastors, teachers and ministry leaders with a firm grounding in expository ministry through seminars, courses and workshops on biblical exposition.

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Expository Preaching Seminar (EPS)

CEP Course

The CEP Course seeks to train and equip faithful expositors of God’s Word for local churches and gospel ministries.

Why another course on preaching?
Most churches recognise that effective faithful preaching and teaching of God’s Word occupies a central role in the local church. Yet many also readily acknowledge that, while leadership and ministry training programmes abound, intentional training and nurturing of preachers and teachers who can rightly and effectively handle the Word remains one of the most pressing needs in the local church.

The CEP Course addresses this gap by focusing specifically on expository preaching. Through a combination of classroom instruction, model expositions, and extensive hands-on exercises in small groups, the CEP Course will teach and model six core principles of expository preaching:1

  • Staying on the line of Scripture, never straying above or below.
  • Letting the Bible shape our frameworks rather than letting our frameworks shape our ‘interpretations’ of the Bible.
  • Teaching the emphasis of our text well by first apprehending the structure.
  • Understanding how the original audience understood a text in order to know how it applies today.
  • Understanding the whole book in order to better handle each specific text.
  • Showing the Gospel at every point in order to teach the Bible as Christians.
Foundations of Expository Preaching

Introduces key principles and methodology of expository preaching.
13 July - 12 October 2024

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Preaching Biblical Genres: New Testament

The Gospel & Acts, Epistles, and Apocalyptic

17 February - 4 May 2024

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Preaching Biblical Genres: Old Testament

Law, Narrative, Wisdom, and the Prophets

Not offered in 2024.

Theology and Preaching

Systematic and biblical theology in preaching.

Not offered in 2024.

Workshop for Biblical Exposition (WBE) - English

WBE will not be held in 2024.

Workshop for Biblical Exposition (MWBE) - Mandarin

MWBE will not be held in 2024.

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