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KVBC Trust (formerly Kuala Lumpur Christian Conference) was formed in 1997 with a single purpose: to encourage godliness through expository Bible teaching.

In 1999, KVBC Trust together with Evangel Book Centre organised the first Klang Valley Bible Conference (KVBC). This conference has since become an annual platform for faithful Bible exposition, featuring gifted servants of the Word from around the world such as D.A. Carson, David Cook, David Jackman, Bryan Chapell, Peter Adam and John Woodhouse. Expository Preaching Seminar (EPS) was introduced in 2001 to further sharpen the focus of church and ministry leadership on Bible exposition, followed by a string of other training conferences and seminars in later years.

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Presently, KVBC Trust ministries can be grouped under these categories:


Bible conferences and ministry platforms characterised by a robust commitment to expound the whole Bible in the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Preaching courses, seminars and preaching clinics to help practitioners sharpen their Bible handling and preaching skills.


Training and discipling the next generation of Christian leaders in personal godliness and faithful Bible handling.


A platform to encourage and multiply fellow workers in word ministries.


Conducted first CEP Course online module; KVBC Bible Conference online, EPS workshop online and BHS online


2019 - First CEP Mandarin on biblical exposition 释经研讨会. Organised City Bible Talk in KL city partnering Equip Gospel Ministry. 2018- First CEP preaching workshop in Melaka


2016- Launch of Centre of Expository Preaching (CEP). Began collaborating with Wawasan Penabur and TGC International Outreach on Bahasa book projects. 2015- Launched KVBC NextGen Conference, an initiative that focuses on equipping next generation leaders. 2013- KLCC renamed KVBC Trust.


2010 - Launched Penang Bible Conference. Organized 2-day residential Bible Camp in Ipoh. Co-organised first Klang Valley Pastor Seminar with Equipe Gospel Ministries. 2009 - Introduced EPS to Ipoh and Penang. 2001 - Started Expository Preaching Seminar (EPS) in response to request to provide training in expository preaching.


1999 - Co-organized the inaugural Klang Valley Bible Conference with Evangel Book Centre. 1997 - Kuala Lumpur Christian Conference (KLCC) was formed to organise residential Bible camps.


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About Our Partners

Evangel Book Centre

Evangel Book Centre is an evangelical Christian literature ministry serving churches with an emphasis on bibles, reference works, commentaries and group study materials. Established in 1955 as a non-profit organisation, Evangel is under the care of a local Management Committee whose members are from various churches. Any marginal profit is used to further this literature ministry or other Christian charitable work.

Equip Gospel Ministries

Equip Gospel Ministries has the twin aims of increasing biblical literacy throughout the churches in Malaysia, and recruiting and training gospel workers to faithfully minister the gospel in Malaysian churches.

KCC Next Gen

Since 1990, KCC Next Gen has trained over 14,000 next generation gospel leaders to faithfully pass on the gospel to others. It is a ministry of Katoomba Christian Convention (KCC), a Bible-preaching convention ministry that was founded in 1903 the tradition of the Keswick Convention in the north of England.

Wawasan Penabur

Wawasan Penabur, or Sower’s Vision, was formed in January 2009, to partner with the Bahasa-speaking church in Malaysia to develop and distribute the best Bahasa resources to leaders, churches and individuals. Founded by Christian leaders from across the major denominations, we serve this mission by seeking to collaborate with Christians committed to serve the BM Church in East and West Malaysia.